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Prime’s history

1989 - Revolution’s bicentonary

charms revolution

The first charm - with theme – in porcelain painted with the hand is created to replace the white plastic charms.

On the theme of the Revolution’s bicentonary, this set of charms knows a quick sucess to the bakers and pastry cooks.

1992 - Tortues Ninja

charms tortues ninja

The characters of comic books and of animation’s movies become charms.

First characters to become charms : Tortues Ninja

1993 - Peugeot

charm car peugeot

Prime invents a game concept for Peugeot which will be an huge success in France.

The first “Epiphany” concept was born !

1994 - Holographic

crown holographic

Prime invents the holographic crown.

The know-how, the innovation and the creativity are equally used for the accessories, which are essential for the charm.

1995 - Casper et Spiderman

Charms casper et feve spiderman

The Prime’s charms set out to capture the large retailing.

Casper et Spiderman are characters choose by Carrefour and other large supermarkets

1995 - Unicef

charms unicef

Prime defends equally the human values : a set for Unicef is created.

The sale of Unicef charms will permit to Prime to give a cheque of 200 000 francs (30 500 €) to the association.

1998 - World’s champion

charms french foot team

Prime acquires approximately 50 licences each year.

The France is world’s champion of football.

Prime is present for this eventpour : miniatures, chocolate balls...

2000 - Reforest the France

charm Reforest the France

The themes increase. Prime borrows to the tradition, the mythology, the geography, the arts...

After the storm of 1999, Prime takes part in the reforestmet of the France.

2003 - Complete concept

Complete concept

Prime is the firstremier charms’ manufacturer to present a complete Epiphany concept.

The bags and the crowns are created especially for the different sets.

The 2003 concept receives the Blue ribbon in the Paris fair : crown, bag but equally game, poster and shop’s decorations are examined in order to do of the celebration a success..

2004 - AFF award

charms award aff

The Emaux de Longwy, the islettes, une fève un gage, are sets of charms which was awarded by the AFF ‘s members.

2005 - Miss France

charms miss france

A superb concept.

2006 - Beginning of the PRIME’s universes

charms universe

PRIME reveals the Epiphany’s universes and all the concept that Prime associates to its charms’ sets: children, family, celebration, discovery.

2007 - A superb vintage

charmes magnific

The hearts, the tubes, the mobile, the Egypt, a superb group of charms’ universes.

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