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Why customize Epiphany ???
posters of charms

THE POSTERS : They are designed and drawn by our artists. Printed in limited edition, they become today a source of search of the collectors.

crowns of charms

THE CROWNS : We bring a particular care to renew and to adapt the crowns to the themes which we present.

Some models can be customised to your sign in order to communicate to your customers, in the associations, in the communities about the quality and the reputation of your shop.

The crowns are now equally the subject of search of the collectors.

Bags for your charms

TWELFTH NIGHT CAKE’S BAGS: Like for the crowns, with theme or personalised, they are important for the image of your shop.

labels for your charms

THE LABELS : It’s the more reliable way to promote your name among all the consumers of Twelfth Night cakes: guests, family of your customers but equally in the associations or the communities which are customers.

All peoples which are tasted labels, are renewed their order year by year.

boxe for your charms

BOXES/UNITS : Nowhere else you will find a choice of boxes which, one time in your window, will be the object of the desire of your customers.

Most of our boxes are made to measure by our creation department and sets out to make our charms like precious objects.

The units of porcelain are drawn and made to measure in limited edition, approximately 200 copies; they will be more and more searched by the collectors.

kit for your charms

KITS PLV OF DECORATION OR OF GAMES : Your Twelfth Night cake must be put forward, don’t think that her quality will not be enough to distinguish her of a strong competition which knows the signification of marketing.

Our concepts of decoration or of games will bring to you a solution to put forward your Twelfth Night cake.


THE PERSONNALISATION : Twenty years of experience in the personnalisation of your charms allow us a perfect command and a large diversity of models.

Volume, half circular dent, jigsaw, perspective, ludic, inexclusive and limited edition, the realisation of your charms opens you the door of the factual and of the communication and contributes to the reputation of your shop.

Associated to the crowns, to the bags for Twelfth Night cakes and to all the environnement which we propose you, the choice of a personnalised charm will mark the nature and the dynamism of your shop.

INFORMATIONS : Do you need more information?

Don’t hesitate to contact our departments or to phone, and if you wish, we will ask to our sales representative to take an appointment with you. He will know to advise you and help you in your choices in order to do of the tradition of the Epiphany a success for everybody. (contact).

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