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The Epiphany and the charm in the world

Typical French tradition (followed by border countries like Benelux, Swiss and Spain), the Epiphany is equally celebrated in other countries, with some variants.

In addition to border countries of the France, we can find this tradition in almost all South America’s countries.

The Epiphany in Argentina

argentina flag

Argentinians celebrate the Epiphany on 6th January. Children put their shoes in front of their Room’s door the 5th, in order to receive presents. They equally write letters to kings. Each family buys a cake in the form of crown in which miniature objects are hid.

argentina card

The Epiphany in Mexico

mexico flag

A cake takes part in the Epiphany’s tradition which is very observed by the Mexican. A charm is hid in this cake. All the charms are identical and represent a boy’s baby. The person who finds the charm invites in return the present person the followed 2 February.

mexico card

The Epiphany in Peru

peru flag

Epiphany celebrated the 6th January which are not a public holiday in this country.

Family which celebrate again the Epiphany savour a "rosca" (brioche crown), in which is hid a miniature, in plastic or in ceramic.

peru card

The Epiphany in Paraguay

paraguay flag

The Epiphany’s tradition is totally different in this country; charms are used for children’s birthday.

The porcelain and plastic miniatures decorate the marriage’s cakes and the birthday’s cakes of the young girls of 15 years.

paraguay card

The Epiphany in Cuba

cuba flag

The twelfth Night Cake is not known in Cuba, but it exists a chain of Bakery/patisserie which is in measure to offer this service of personalised way.

It’s the company Francuba and the chain of retailing Pain de Paris.

cuba card

The Epiphany in Colombie

colombie flag

The Twelfth Night cake is not a tradition in Colombia but since some years; it has began to do its appearance around the 6th January in the French bakery and the patisseries and in the supermarket.

On the other hand, charms are not used; the insertion of miniatures into the food is prohibited in Colombie.

colombie card
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