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In this section are detailed the different stages of manufacture of charms.

Manufacture of charms:

We must already decide of the type of charm: flat charm or in 3D, engraved charm or with a chromo, monochrome charm or painted with the hand, matt charm or enamelled.

Charms can equally be enhanced with gold and/or with platinum.

Creation of charms:

The set of charms are created 2 years in advance. The lists of themes are elaborated and discussed, and then the sets are drawn:

  • - Sketch.
  • - Transition in cleaning (black & white).
  • - Put in colour (felt-tip pantones or computer tool).
Creation of charms on paper Creation of charms in computer

Sculpture of charms' prototype:

Sculptors work with drawing’s plates. They realise a magnum piece, in ground or in plaster, bigger of 14% compared with the final charm (these 14% disappeared with the different stage of firing).

Sculpture of charms

Firing of the magnum piece:

The magnum piece is fired at approximately 1050°. After the firing, we obtain a biscuit (porous porcelain) which will serve to the realisation of the moulds.

Realisation of the charms’ moulds:

The plaster mould is directly realised on the magnum piece, in some parts in accordance with the complexity of the piece. Then we create battery of moulds in function of the number of charms to realise. Then the moulds are braised in order to do disappear their hydrometer’s rate.

one of the charms’ moulds Many charms’ moulds

Duplication of charms:

In the moulds, the ground is either estampée (squeezed compact porcelain), or cast (barbottine: liquid ground). Water contained in the ground leaks into the plaster mould, what’s permit to remove the piece from the mould without that the piece stick to the mould.

Duplication of charms

Ebarbage of charms:

Once the models dry, they are « ébarbés », that is to say cleared out of the surplus of ground which is leaked into joint’s plan of the moulds.

ebarbage of charms

First firing:

Cleared out of the surplus of ground, pieces are fired at 1000°C in order to obtain the biscuits.

First firing open First firing close

Decoration of charms:

The fired pieces are finally decorated with the hand with enamel of food colours. Then they are enamelled by soaking them in transparent enamel which will give to the pieces a smooth and shiny aspect.

This handling is not necessary if we wish to obtain matt charms.

Hand decoration of charms Hand decoration of charms emaillage of charms

Second firing:

All pieces are fired at new for a second firing at high temperature (1250° approximately). This firing permit to make the porcelain totally impermeable (to close it) and to melt the enamel which comes coat the charms.

Second firing Second firing

Installation of chromos (transfers) on the charms:

On the pedestals, transfers can be placed in order to put titles. Transfers will be placed on the enamelled pieces and this operation will require a third firing at 820° in order to fix the enamel.

Installation of chromos (transfers) on the charms

Final firing:

Transfers will be placed on the enamelled pieces and this operation will require a third firing at 820° in order to fix the enamel.

Final firing

Control of quality of charms’ sets:

Charms which are defected are put aside.

Packaging of charms:

Charms are put in bags then in cardboards.

But the work is not still finished...

Creation of the concept around the charms’ sets:

The department of creation of the company not contents himself to draw the charms, it realizes equally all the accessories of the charm:

  • - Crowns.
  • - Bags.
  • - Boxes of presentation.
bag epiphany crown epiphany

And stand of sale:

  • - Posters.
  • - Shop’s animation.
  • - PLV.
shop's animation posters of charms epiphany

Sales of charms:

Then our products are presented at different bakers and pastry cooks who sale the charms.

Tasting of the Twelfth Night cake with a charm inside:

Charm is in the twelfth Night cake, the twelfth Night cake is on your table!

Tasting of the Twelfth Night cake with a charm inside
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